Overview of ProRota – Portal

The ProRota Staff Scheduling Portal is an innovative solution designed to simplify the process of staff scheduling and management. The system centralizes all your staff scheduling activities, making it much easier to manage shifts, allocate resources, and resolve conflicts. ProRota offers an intuitive interface with robust features that cater to scheduling preferences, vacation planning, and staff absence management. The system promotes efficiency in workforce management and significantly reduces the time taken to plan, communicate, and manage employee schedules.

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Schedule CreationCreate, modify, and manage staff schedules seamlessly.
Vacation PlanningManage staff vacation requests and approvals.
Time TrackingKeep track of staff hours effectively.
Reporting & AnalyticsAnalyze and report scheduling and staffing statistics.
Communication ToolsFacilitate effective communication between managers and staff.
Swap ShiftsEnables staff to exchange shifts with manager’s approval.
Conflict ResolutionIdentify and resolve scheduling conflicts.
Workload ManagementManage workload distribution fairly and efficiently.
Role ManagementAssign and manage roles within your team.
Notification CentreKeep staff updated with changes and announcements.

Key Highlights

1. Practicality: The scheduling tool is user-friendly, efficient, and highly practical. It streamlines staff scheduling activities, reducing manual processes and paperwork.

2. Flexibility: From flexible scheduling to customizable reporting and analytics features, ProRota truly caters to your unique business requirements.

3. Time-saving: Transform the lengthy and challenging staff scheduling process into a quick, efficient, and hassle-free one with ProRota.

4. Communication: ProRota enhances communication amongst staff members and between managers and staff. 5. Cost-effective: The comprehensive features offered by ProRota come at an affordable price.


Intuitive DashboardEasy-to-navigate layout that gives a complete overview.
Customizable Shift PatternsAligns with your company’s unique scheduling needs.
Automated NotificationsTimely updates and reminders for managers and staff.
Conflict-Free SchedulingAdvanced algorithm to prevent any scheduling conflict.
Real-Time UpdatesInstant updates enable quick decisions.
Secure Data ManagementEnsures protection and confidentiality of data.
Resource AllocationEfficient management of staff and resources.


ProRota serves as your dynamic scheduling solution with various addons available such as mobile app for on-the-go management, integration with payroll systems, and advanced forecasting tools to anticipate staffing needs.

Expect from ProRota

  • Streamlined Staff Scheduling: Expect an uncluttered and structured approach to scheduling.
  • User-friendly Interface: The system is designed with simplicity, ensuring a seamless user experience.
  • Improved Efficiency: ProRota’s automation features promise highly efficient operational management.
  • Better Communication: Regular notifications and a centralized platform enhance internal communication.
  • Excellent Support: Expect a dedicated support team ready to help at any time.

Support System for 3 Months

With your purchase of ProRota, you get access to our dedicated support team for three months. They are ready to assist you with any queries or technical issues you may have during this period.

Domain and Cloud Storage

Along with the ProRota – Staff Scheduling Portal, we offer free cloud hosting and domain registration. This enables you to get started easily without worrying about these technical details.